about us

The Nuttery was founded by my father, Leslie Lipton in 1990. An architectural designer by trade, Leslie had just watched the BBC's Daylight Robbery which showed how squirrels can overcome obstacles to reach food left out for the birds. 

He set out to design a bird feeder that would baffle even the brainiest squirrel.....and so The Nuttery was born!  Over 20 years later, our first feeder, the Original is as popular as ever with sales exceeding 1 million worldwide.

2013 is an exciting year for The Nuttery. A new range of feeders, gifts and accessories that really do 'raise the bar'. We hope you agree and would love to hear your feedback.

Superior quality, innovation and design without compromise. It's what we call bird feeding, The Nuttery way.

Julian Lipton, Managing Director


The Nuttery is part of Lipton Group, a group of companies specialising in sport, leisure, eco/ethical fashion and the environment.

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